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Handwritten Thank You Notes for Kids

Handwritten Thank You Notes for Kids

Why do we write thank you notes? 

If you just had a birthday or some other celebration, you probably had people come to your party and bring you a gift. That person took time to pick out something special for you, wrap it up and attend your celebration. 

It is easier and quicker to send a text message, an email, or a voice message to say “thank you.” However, if the purpose of the thank-you message is to convey your deepest, most sincere gratitude, taking the time to carefully write a message by your own hand will mean more to the recipient than a text message.

A handwritten note lets that person know that you really appreciate them coming and bringing you a special gift. Think of a thank you note as a HUG you send in the mail. 

What do you write? 

Your thank you note doesn’t have to be a long letter. A few sentences is just enough to express your appreciation. 

Use nice paper or a card. (find our kids stationery here)

Find a pen with ink that doesn’t bleed or smear.

Begin, “Dear __________,” (insert person’s name).

In the first sentence say, “Thank you,” and what you are thankful for.

Write at least one sentence of appreciation for the act of kindness or gift.

Say something nice about the giver.

Write your closer, such as Sincerely or Love.

Sign your name. 

 It's that simple! You can decorate your card or note and even the envelope. 

For even more help, visit our guide & template here

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