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Vacuum-Insulated Lg Serving Bowl, Blue Lemonade

$ 80.00

We think you'll agree that a bowl with a lid is like a dress with pockets--a no-brainer that should be universal! Make that lid double-walled and put it on a vacuum-insulated, copper-lined, double-walled bowl, and you've got an unbeatable combination.

A great-looking serving bowl that will 1) keep food (hot or cold) to temperature; 2) is easy to transport; and 3) will look great, at anything from a holiday party to a backyard barbecue. 

The Bowl is double-walled, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated stainless steel with a powder-coat finish. The lid is double-walled Tritan (BPA/BPS-free), with a silicone-gasket for a no-spill experience.

  • 2.5Q/100 oz capacity;
  • 10" X 4"
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Not microwave safe.
  • Not oven/stove safe.