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The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust

$ 21.50

How will the Easter Bunny find me?

How will he know where I live?

Help you child guide the Easter Bunny and his treats directly to their door.

Includes: 32 page illustrated picture book, original story

1 Pouch of Magical Easter Bunny Dust Storage case

When a little boy and his sister go into the woods behind their cottage, they discover treasures awaiting them. They fill their baskets with acorns and pine cones, flowers and a birds nest. Nearly finished, their baskets overflowing, they spot a yellow pouch on the ground, Inside the pouch is a beautiful Easter egg full of a magical dust. Maybe, if they just wish hard enough, they would get to see the Easter Bunny..

Easter Bunny Dust is non toxic and consists of glitter & MAGIC!

Awards: Mom's Choice Award