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Necklace, Freshwater Pearl with Cross

$ 150.00

Elegant and soft, this beautiful freshwater pearl necklace will remind you to choose joy everyday, plus it makes a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

34" Freshwater Pearls with Leah Cross

Scripture on Back: 

Joshua 24:15, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

These uniquely shaped Freshwater Pearls are 100% genuine and in a class all their own.  

Pearls speak of beauty borne out of adversity. A pearl is formed when a foreign object acts as an irritant inside the shell. In the Bible,  a pearl represents humanity in the heart of God. The all-time favorite, perfect-looking Leah cross is a reminder of this truth. Wear the sign of your Father's love, and be reminded daily of how special you really are. This necklace also makes a perfect versatile gift!

Note on Jewelry Material:

Every handcrafted piece from Hidden Truth Jewelry features 100% authentic semiprecious stones. Medallions are fashioned, inscribed, and hand-sculpted from durable clay for a lightweight feel and easy all-day wear.