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Door Hanger, Easter Lily Cross

$ 48.50

A door hanger to celebrate the beauty of the cross and the Easter lily. This Easter or peach lily door sign is designed with flowers to create the shape of the cross. Waterproof and fade proof, this digitally illustrated painting by New Orleans' Artist Kristin Malone is printed on a plastic board.

Door hanger measures 15.5 in wide x 19.45 in tall x 1/4 in thick. Hangs approximately 23 in tall with ribbon.

*Please note that any EXTREME changes in temperature may cause this door hanger to warp. This includes below freezing temperatures and abnormally high heat temperatures. I.E. If you have a metal door that is in the direct sunlight in during the summer, the excessive heat may cause the plastic to warp.
Made in United States of America