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Ancient Olives Olive Oil

$ 25.00

More than just a palate-pleasing olive oil to soak into crusty bread, drizzle on caprese, or emulsify into herbaceous dressings, this Italian delight has an all-American tale. The story begins with majestic Sevillano olive trees planted more than a century ago in Corning, the olive capital of California. Arborists then airlift the trees via helicopter to orchards throughout the Western United States. To make each batch of sumptuous olive oil, every olive is picked and then pressed within hours, guaranteeing rich, unparalleled flavor with delightful notes of zesty lime and freshly mowed grass. The white glass bottle maintains superior freshness by blocking the precious contents inside from exposure to sunlight.

13.5" H x 2.5" Diameter.; contains 12.6 fl. oz. of olive oil

Arbequina olives and Arbosana olives

Store at room temperature