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Why Should I Buy a Greeting Card Subscription?

Why Should I Buy a Greeting Card Subscription?

Sending cards is one of life's little pleasures, both for you and the recipient. It's fun to have the perfect card for that person and write a thoughtful note inside. Think about how fun it is to see someone's handwriting on an envelope when you open your mailbox. THAT'S the fun part about sending cards! 

If you love to send greeting cards, then you know the struggle. First of all, you have to remember what cards you need when you're actually AT the store. If your kiddos or husband happen to be with you, there is no time to actually spend time picking one out. OR, even worse- you remember an upcoming birthday and make a mad dash to the nearest convenience store where the selection is less than awesome. But you settle for a card that "will do" since you have no time. THEN, there's the issue of the postage stamps. Since we don't regularly send mail like we used to, there are times when we just don't have a postage stamp. And yes, they sell them in most grocery stores now, but who remembers that when you're checking out?!

Our greeting card monthly subscription is here to help.  Every month you'll receive FOUR greeting cards from the categories you told us you wanted. AND- you'll receive the postage stamps so you're ready to write them and MAIL them in record time. Your friends and family will think you're a rockstar. You'll have the satisfaction of sending thoughtful, UNIQUE cards to those you love without the hassle of driving, shopping, driving some more, etc.... 

We carefully select the greeting cards for our shop, one card at a time. That's right- we pick out every single card that we carry. (that's a lot of cards). We find designers that only sell to small, independent shops like ours, so you won't find these cards at your local drugstore. 

Our cards sell for $5 each in our brick and mortar shop. So, the value of the cards alone is worth the price of the monthly subscription. But then we throw in the postage and have it shipped to your door, so you're saving in so many ways: financially, time, aggravation and more. 

Give our Greeting Card Subscription a try. There's no obligation if you decide it's not for you. But, we think you'll love the convenience and unique assortment of cards that it can bring you. And we know it will delight the people who receive a card from you! 

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