What does my child's teacher REALLY want for a gift?

It's a question anyone with a school-aged child will face at least once a year...what does my child's teacher REALLY want? 

  •      Gift cards seem so impersonal.
  •      I can't risk a Pinterest-fail.
  •      I want to give a thoughtful gift, but I have to buy for 8 teachers. 

So what's a mom to do?  

Here is a list of FIVE great gifts that any teacher will love:

1. Gift Cards. I know I just said they seem impersonal. BUT, there are ways to make it much more personal and thoughtful.

Get to know the teacher's favorites- favorite restaurant, coffee shop, nail salon, etc.  If that information is not available, no worries.  Who doesn't love Target or Amazon?  Don't worry about the dollar amount- It's a gift and he/she will appreciate anything! A $5 Starbucks card buys a coffee! 

These Gift Card holders add a thoughtful touch to this simple gift.  It's intentional and cute. Win, right? 





2. Food. I mean, does this one even need an explanation? We all HAVE to eat, right?

Baked goods are always appreciated, especially around the holidays. A box of homemade assorted cookies could be a welcome relief to the teacher that has to work up until a few days before Christmas.  OR, put together a box of cookie ingredients, icing, sprinkles, etc. to save him/her a trip to the grocery store. 

Think outside the (bakery) box.  Do you have a homemade soup recipe that is family favorite?  A casserole that freezes well? A homemade tomato sauce that you can wrap with some pasta?  Creative wrapping and tags can go a long way in the presentation of a food gift. 

3. Personalized Stationery. Teachers make lists. Teachers write notes home. Teachers probably don't spend any money on personalized notepads when they could buy extra supplies for the classroom.  Treat them to something special with their NAME on it.  So simple and thoughtful.

4. A Funny Gift.  OK, now you have to know your audience with these ideas.  BUT, if you have a great relationship with that special teacher and you know he/she would appreciate the humor, you may just find the perfect gift below. (They are some of our best sellers, by the way, so you are not alone). 

Our stemless wineglass is just fun and funny. 

Our wine wrappers are a unique and fun way to give a bottle of wine. They simply tie on the any bottle! With a wine glass or all by itself, it's a fun gift. 

5. A Handwritten Note.  Sometimes, the sweetest gifts are also the most simple. I've talked to so many teachers over the years and they always say that while gifts are wonderful, they really don't "expect" anything. A touching letter or card about the positive impact that they have made on your child is a wonderful gift. Teachers work so hard, and often for little money or thanks, so sharing your true appreciation is a gift that costs nothing, but will absolutely be appreciated.

March 29, 2018 — Kim Williams

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